Fishing Journal- 7/26/22

Mid-Summer Fishing Report
It’s been an epic fishing season so far this year! Our guide team has been busy running trips of all types, classes, and camps. Clients have been sending me lots of fishing pictures and stories from their own adventures too. Across the board fish are happy, waters are level, and things have been going swimmingly. 

Trout anglers rejoice! This is a great time for dry fly fishing with a smattering of bugs hatching throughout the day. If you’re heading to a trout stream soon, be sure to keep an eye out for tricos (which are a tiny mayfly species). This species is a big deal for trout fly anglers! This hatch is extremely consistent and happens almost daily from 6am til 9/10:00am from July through September. Temperature does affect these hatches, the warmer it gets the shorter the hatch window is and vice versa. These are super tiny bugs, between hooks size 18-22. Grasshoppers and other terrestrials will also be effective now.

Another thing to watch out for during the dog days of summer on trout streams is the water temperature. Trout require high levels of dissolved oxygen to survive and do best in water temps between 55-65 degrees. But when air temps start hitting the 90’s during the day and stay above 70 degrees at night, the water temps and dissolved oxygen levels can become unsafe for trout fishing. When water temps get 70 degrees or above, trout become lethargic and the ones that do eat a fly have a lower chance of survival after being released. So try to keep a thermometer handy to check water temps in the afternooon.    

Or you can target fish who can take the heat! Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass love warm water and the fishing has been awesome lately. The St. Croix River is super low and clear, making for some great sight fishing and wading opportunities. The Mississippi has dropped to normal levels and is fishing very well. If you like topwater eats from river smallies, this is the time to go. Almost any type of popper or diver fly is working on the rivers and lakes right now. Panfish and largemouth bass are also a great hot summer day species to target on the fly in our lakes. If you’re looking for the hardest fight in freshwater, carp and catfish can be caught on the Mississippi through downtown right now as well. Take your pick of water or species, everything is hungry! 

It’s crazy to think we are already halfway through our season, but the fishing has been awesome so far and there’s still lots of time left for some great fishing! Smallie and Carp fishing will be good on the rivers through Sept. Trout, pike, and muskies will really pick up in Sept and continue into the fall. If you want to get out before fall or have any questions, you know who to call!

Shout Out Section!
We received this awesome note and picture from, Jenny B and her son Ryan, who were students in a Fly Fish College earlier this spring. Major shout out to them for sticking with it and creating memories:
Thank you for the great fly fishing college this past May.  My son Ryan has been working hard on practicing with his fly rod, he wanted me to send you this picture and let you know he caught it with a fly from your shop ( :  We’ll have to book guided time in the future to help anchor down some trout fishing skills.  Thank you again, and we hope you are enjoying your summer!”

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