Minnesota Fishing Report 2/15/2023 (FFA Fishing Journal)

Minnesota Fishing Report TWIN CITIES METRO ICE FISHING-  MN/WI DRIFTLESS TROUT FISHING- Click Here to Book A Trip Online! Phone: 612-293-8058 Email: fishing4all.llc@gmail.com  Fishing For All and Minnesota Bragging Board This is one of our ice fishing program participants from last weekend. She recently immigrated to the US and caught her first fish ever at ourContinue reading “Minnesota Fishing Report 2/15/2023 (FFA Fishing Journal)”

Minnesota Fishing Report 2/1/23

Minnesota Fishing Report TWIN CITIES METRO ICE FISHING- Metro ice fishing continues to heat up! Vexilars are showing christmas trees all over the place as long as you’re fishing the right areas. Head to deep holes and steep drop offs especially in shallow lakes. The latest cold snap has the fish tightly grouped up andContinue reading “Minnesota Fishing Report 2/1/23”

Fishing Journal- 11/15/22

Fishing Report       The FFA team fished several trout streams in northeastern Iowa and found hungry trout willing to take a variety of patterns. We waded and floated through some less than desirable weather conditions but had great fishing regardless. It was extremely fun to fish nearly every style of fly: indicator nymphs,Continue reading “Fishing Journal- 11/15/22”

Fishing Journal- 7/26/22

Mid-Summer Fishing ReportIt’s been an epic fishing season so far this year! Our guide team has been busy running trips of all types, classes, and camps. Clients have been sending me lots of fishing pictures and stories from their own adventures too. Across the board fish are happy, waters are level, and things have been goingContinue reading “Fishing Journal- 7/26/22”

Fishing Journal- 5/30/22

Summer Fishing ReportWasn’t that a nice week of spring weather we had? Seems like we have been catapulted into the summer season: thunderstorms, humidity, mosquitos, and all! The last major spell of storms that went through a few weeks ago did a number on our local watersheds. Trout streams were flooded and fishing spots definitely got moved around.Continue reading “Fishing Journal- 5/30/22”