About Us

Fishing For All – We’re inclusive, educational, & fun!

When you fish with Fishing For All, we want you to end the day feeling like you’ve learned something new. Fishing, especially fly fishing, is something which can never be mastered and that’s why we love it so much! Our guides bring growth-mindsets, excitement, patience, and humor with them on the water. So, whether its your first time ever fishing, or you’ve been doing it since you were a kid, we strive to make your time with us an enriching experience.

Above all else, we want to create life-long anglers who care for the resources we all share. Whether you join us on a guided trip or an educational program, we’ll teach you as much as we can so you feel confident on your own. Of course, we hope you’ll come fish with us again and again as you progress on your angling journey.

Connection with and consistently spending time in nature is a proven remedy for so many of today’s modern aliments. Fishing For All loves the MSP area for all of its diversity, both ecological and societal. Starting from downtown and headed in any direction, we can catch hundreds of different freshwater species. This abundance of water and fish also affords people here a unique opportunity to catch a fish before work near their home or on a weekend getaway. We want to foster people’s connection to nature and make sure they have the knowledge and abilities to fish on their own, no matter where or who they are.

We aren’t necessarily a “trophy chasers” guide service, we’re more like “story creators.” Yes we will see and catch BIG fish here. But at the end of the day, any fish is a good one when you have a deeper understanding of where they come from and how to catch them. So long as conditions are safe, we are ready to get you on the water to create your new favorite fishing story!

Meet Our Team

Evan Griggs- Owner & Outfitter

I’m so excited to be going on my 10th+ year of guiding and over 20 years of fly fishing! Growing up, I started fishing in Minneapolis and the Driftless Area. When I was ten years old, I remember watching my dad fly fish on local stream and suddenly realized, “I’ve been watching him do this for years, and he’s never caught a fish!” At that point I was determined to catch a trout on a fly. I taught myself how to cast in the front yard, cut my teeth catching sunfish on the city lakes, and practiced reading water on the neighborhood creek. It took three years, but I finally caught my first trout on a dry fly! From that moment on, fly fishing quickly became my passion. When I was 13, I made up my mind that my passion was someday going to be my profession. Right after my high school graduation, I became a trout bum and moved to Montana.

I eventually completed my bachelor’s degree in Outdoor Education at Black Hills State University. Other places I’ve guided are western North Carolina and the Black Hills of South Dakota. Eventually the lakes and woods of Minnesota called my wife and I home. Over the years I’ve also been an outdoor educator and a special education teacher. My favorite species to target with a fly rod are smallmouth bass and carp.

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