Fishing Journal- 4/12/22

Spring Fishing Report
The snow is finally gone, though winter seems to be holding on as long as it can. (Sounds like a typical April to me!) Because it’s been a relatively dry spring, our trout streams are in great shape. Water throughout the area is just slightly higher than average, but clear and crisp. This combo makes for very happy and hungry trout! If you want large trout, spring is a great time to find them as they beef up after eating midges all winter. It’s also a great time for dry fly fishing. Blue wing olive mayflies are hatching on the cloudy days and, starting in May, we’ll see caddis on the sunny days. These are two of the best hatches of the season in my opinion! Knowing your hatches is what separates casual anglers from the true nerds. Ha!

Most of the lakes in the metro have also started to open up. Once we get a nice spell of temps in the 50’s-60’s, this will kick the carp, bowfin, and panfish into high gear. The best places to find these guys in spring are shallow ponds, marshes, or bays with muddy bottoms. These areas warm up fastest in the spring and attract all sorts of activity.

Steelhead are also running up Lake Superior tribs! Though the region had an epic snow year, so high water will likely be a concern for the next couple weeks. Big dark colored stoneflies, egg patterns, or swinging streamers are your best bet. 

Walleye, Bass, and Pike opener is on 5/14, just a month away! Whatever you’re chasing this spring, we wish you good luck and tight lines! Feel free to ask us questions. 

Bragging Rights
Major props to Andrew who went on a recent guide trip with us. He caught many of his first and largest trout on the fly while fishing the Rush River with our guide Evan!   

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