Guided Spin Fishing

In addition to fly fishing trips and fishing classes, we also offer guided spin fishing opportunities that highlight some of the lesser appreciated waters and species found around MSP.

Catfishing Trip

We love chasing catfish! Between the Mississippi River and its tributaries within 40 mins of MSP, there is a lot of superb catfish territory around us. Our main species here are channel catfish. Our trips are land-based, setting up camp and poles on a sand bar or the riverbank. We can light a campfire, eat some food, learn about river ecology, and wait for the big ones to bite! All equipment is provided, this trip is a great summer family activity. We will teach you everything from finding good fishing spots, to rigging your poles, to fighting in the big cats! Good chance to also catch freshwater drum and other cool fish species. Max of 4 people, prices for up to 4 people. Day hours (8am-6pm) 4hr $250, 6hrs $300, 8hr $400. Night Hours- the big cats are nocturnal! (7pm-1am) 4hrs $300, 6hrs $400

River Float Trip

Minnesota has more than just 10,000 lakes. It also boasts thousands of miles of beautiful rivers, that are unpressured and full of fish! Hop on in our drift boat and take a float down a section of river, like the Mississippi, St Croix, or one of their tributaries. These watersheds are home to world class smallmouth bass fishing, which is what these trips are best suited for. We will also target northern pike, catfish, and carp. Our boats can hold two anglers and this trip can be tailored for any ages, ability, or skill level. We are happy to teach skills like reading water, river ecology, rigging, and more. Up to 2 anglers per boat, multiple guides/boats available. Price per boat: 4hr $300, 6hr $400, 8hr $500.

If you want to explore the rivers around MSP and try catching a new species of fish, click the button below to get in touch with us!

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