Fishing Classes

Education, outreach, and mentorship is at the core of what we do at Fishing For All. We TEACH fishing! The first step in creating a life-long angler is to provide them with a meaningful, engaging, hands-on experience to grow from! All equipment is provided for our programs.

We offer classes that are perfect for: families, friends groups, camps, birthday parties, youth organizations, adult activity organizations, parks & rec departments, etc.

Winter Programs

Ice Fishing

Fishing isn’t just a summer activity! Once our lakes freeze over, we can venture out and catch fish through the ice. We find a lake near you in the seven county area around MSP. We will show you how to use the equipment, find/understand where the fish live in winter, and practice reeling in crappies, bluegills, and bass. All equipment is provided. Available Dec-March. Prices for groups of up to 6: 2hrs- $250, 4hr- $350, 6hr- $450. $10 each additional person. Max group size is 15.

We also partner with several parks and rec departments across the MSP metro area. Visit this linktree to find and register for a program near you!

Summer Programs

Fishing Series

Have a group that wants to learn more about fishing? These are in-depth, hands-on lessons to improve your fishing skills! Learn about casting, knot tying, types and use of lures, fish id and strategies to target them, and more. Scheduled as a 4-part series, meeting once per week/month/season- for 2 hours per session. Best for ages 8+, younger kids welcome with adult supervision. Available May-Nov. 10 people max. Series options below:

Series Options:

Introductory Series- 1st Fishing Pier: learn to tie knots, rig poles, and put worms on hooks to catch sunfish and bass, 2nd River fishing: Learn to rig and fish for cat fishing and carp in the Mississippi River, 3rd Fly Fishing: Learn how to fly fish, choose the right fly, and catch sunfish and bass, 4th Lure/Minnow fishing: Learn to use different lures, soft plastics, or minnow rigs for larger fish species including bass and pike. $100/session, $400 total.

Advanced Series- 1st Lure/Minnow Fishing: learn to use different lures/soft plastics/minnow rigs to catch larger fish species, wade in a lake to find secret fishing spots. 2nd River Fishing: Learn how to rig and fish for catch fish and carp in the Mississippi River. 3rd Trout Fishing: learn how to rig and fish for trout on the Vermilion River. 4th Fly Fishing: Learn how to fly fish and choose the right fly while wading in a lake. $150/session, $600 total.

River Raft & Fish

This one-of-a-kind program is designed for the true adventure and fishing fanatic! Hop in one of our whitewater rafts for a float down one of our local rivers: the Mighty Mississippi, Wild and Scenic St Croix or Rum Rivers (depending on water levels, weather conditions, and your timeframe.) As you float, not only will you experience the river and its ecosystem, you’ll also learn how to find fish and how to catch them! We’ll pull over on islands and side channels to wade and fish. Species we target are smallmouth bass, northern pike, and catfish. This is a 4hr float and fishing adventure. Program can be tailored for spin or fly fishing. Offered May-Nov. Best for ages 10+, younger ages can be accommodated but must be accompanied by an adult. Minimum 2 people, max 5/raft. We can take groups of 8-10 people with two rafts. $300/raft.

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